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Triple the lifespan of your razors
by keeping them sharp and clean!

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“A total shaving game changer… A simple tool with so many benefits” - Tommy K.


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3-in-1 Razor Unclogger, Sharpener & Holder


Meet The Tap, 3-in-1 Razor Unclogger, Sharpener & Holder. Cut your shaving time in half, save money and water, sharpen your blades for a smooth and close shave everytime.

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Gently tap your razor up and down on the specially designed unclogger brush to free any gunk or hair from the blades. Rinse away any remaining gunk to protect your skin from dirt and bacteria. Slide the razor towards the brush on the sharpener pad to polish and sharpen the microscopic nicks on the blades to help prevent nicks and cuts.

Tap to Unclog
TAP to Unclog
Gently tap up
and down only
Rinse With Water
RINSE with Water
Wash away
the gunk
Slide to Sharpen
SLIDE to Sharpen
Opposite shave
direction only
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Our Story - Bladetap


BLADETAP was created as a solution to one of the most common shaving issues — a clogged razor. Sick of getting razor burn and wasting money on razors that dulled too quickly, our CEO Gavin decided to give up shaving for good. Trimming seemed like the perfect way to avoid the struggles of shaving. Eventually, the no-shave era came to an end when he took a new job that required a clean look – cue the skin irritation and dull blades.

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I used to use my old toothbrushes to clean my razor but it didn't work that well. This product works really well becasue I use a shaving oil that is very sticky so my razor clogs easily. Also I can now store my razor on the mirror inside my medicine cabinet. Highly recommended!!

John A.

I use a thick lotion shaving cream on my legs so my razor gets clogged really easy, I also used to store my razor in the corner of the shower, but now The Tap solved these problems: I can can easily get the stuck hair out of my razor and I have a nice place to store it with the suction cup in my shower.

Mahtub G.