Our Story

Most Common Shaving Issues
BLADETAP was created as a solution to one of the most common shaving issues — a clogged razor. Sick of getting razor burn and wasting money on razors that dulled too quickly, our CEO Gavin decided to give up shaving for good. Trimming seemed like the perfect way to avoid the struggles of shaving. Eventually, the no-shave era came to an end when he took a new job that required a clean look – cue the skin irritation and dull blades.
Turns out a little struggle can be good. Gavin realized two things as he got back into his dreaded shaving routine:
He couldn't be the only one frustrated with shaving.
There had to be a solution to the problem of dull, dirty razors.

Those thoughts eventually sparked the idea for the Tap – the first 3-in-1 razor unclogger, sharpener, and holder. The first prototype worked so well, it extended his razor by six months. Gavin knew he had created something special and wanted to share it with as many people as possible. Every day someone out there is struggling with shaving, but now BladeTap can provide the shaving solutions they need to create an overall better shaving experience.

I had stopped shaving for years (only using the trimmer) because:

It is a pain in the (bleep) to shave, much easier to trim every few days.

My skin is so sensitive that it gave me razor burn almost every time I shaved.

I didn't need a clean shaven look.

Most girls I dated preferred the trim look.

I was tired of spending so much $ on razors that dull quickly and don't last.

But then I had to start shaving again because I started working on a project that required a clean shaven look in a professional office environment.

During this time I realized even more about the problems with shavings:

Razors clog very easily and are difficult to unclog.

Razors dull and don't last because they are kept clogged in between shaves.

Dirty clogged razor are breeding grounds for bacteria and cause the blade to corrode and dull much faster than when they are stored clean in between shaves.

I was spending a lot of time trying to unclog the razor.

I cut myself using my towel trying to get the gunk out of the razor. That is when I realized I should create my own razor unclogger.
I tried everything from a toothbrush to a Qtip, but nothing got in between the blades to dislodge the gunk the right way. The toothbrush bristles didn't spread out and everything else was too light or damaged the blades.

That is when I invented Bladetap,
the first 3-in 1 razor unclogger.

Razor Unclogger

The first prototype worked so well that my razor lasted 6 months
and this is when I knew I had to bring the product to the masses.

I went through multiple designs until I perfected the
unclogger brush, the honing pad for sharpening, and the
clamp style holder for storage.