Influencer Overview



  • About BladeTap
  • Who we are looking for?
  • Duties as an Influencer with BladeTap
  • How you can collaborate with BladeTap
  • Rewards

About BladeTap and our Influencer Program

BladeTap is a California based startup that has just launched "The Tap", the first 3-in-1 shaving razor unclogger, sharpener, and holder! "The Tap" solves shaving's simple problems and provides an overall quicker, sharper and cleaner shaving experience while extending the lifespan of your razors. BladeTap aims to make the Tap an essential grooming tool that your good ol' razors can't do without.

Our program allows social media users to share and promote our unique brand in exchange for free product and other rewards.

Whether you are looking to make one social media post or review about the TAP or are looking to continuously post your appreciate and love for the TAP, we accept all partnerships.

Who are we looking for?

People that are social media/internet savvy with small to large followings. Here at BladeTap, we welcome all social media users to become part of the BladeTap community. If you feel you could grow the BladeTap community through your social media following then you are likely to be a great fit in our program.

Duties as an Influencer with BladeTap

Influencers are representatives of BladeTap and as such, will work very closely in communication with BladeTap’s own Influencer Specialist. Content will be discussed and agreed upon before promotion giving you the influencer, and BladeTap clear direction in promotions.

Influencer: Post your content or review in your social media account, tagging BladeTap and using our hashtags

How can you collaborate with BladeTap?

In general, here are some of the things influencers do within our program:

  • Reviews
    • On your social media pages, websites, or blogs
  • Create Content
    • The more creative the better. The only criteria is to involve our product or brand
  • Product Post
    • You using it, you opening the box, anything that fits your post style while promoting the product
  • Repost
    • Whether about sales, discounts, or special announcements
  • Other
    • Do you have special connections and/or creative thinking that will give us new ways to promote? We will listen! We love input from our influencers and ambassadors. Feel free to approach us with any ideas you have and we will work together to implement your idea.

*Note – All content will be approved and agreed upon by BladeTap’s Influencer Specialist first before promotion.


Benefits to joining the BladeTap family:

  • Receive free samples on any new products or test products we put out
  • Just how you support us, we want to support you. All of our ambassadors receive their picture and social media handles posted on our site and pages. That way you grow as we do.
  • Rewards: To our top influencers, we would like to reward them in more ways to keep things exciting. This may include anything from small gifts, to travel, tickets, etc. We value our associates and hope to continue building on our exciting time together.

We hope that gives you a deeper look into how our Influencer program operates and provided enough info on what is expected. We will be in contact with you soon about how we can incorporate you into the sharper, cleaner, easier shaves movement. In the meantime, we hope you have a sharp day!