Shaving Sucks With Sensitive Skin, But It Doesn't Have To

Have you ever just sat there and wished for a life with silky smooth skin free of irritation? One where you can shave without having to worry about seeing itchy red bumps arise from the depths of hell to ruin your fresh shave. We’re talking razor burn, irritation, and everything in between. Shaving hair on any part of your body isn’t all fun and games when you’ve got sensitive skin. It’s more like a recurring nightmare. Well, it’s time to start enjoying a clean shave free of irritation and here’s how:

Soften Your Skin 

No one wants to spend their whole day shaving. We get it. However, it’s so important to give your sensitive skin a chance to soften and absorb moisture before you start shaving. Allow the steam from your shower or bath to open the pores on your skin. This softens your hair making it easier to cut. You might want to pay close attention to this tip if your shaving down there because--surprise-- pubic hair is the thickest hair on your body. So take the time to let that hair soften. Trust us, you’ll be grateful later. If you’re not in the shower during your shave, just apply a hot washcloth to your skin to create the same effect. Whether it's on your face or your legs, taking the time to soften your skin minimizes skin irritation while shaving.


    One of the secrets to a smooth shave is exfoliating. It removes dead skin cells, paving the way for a smooth shave. Exfoliating allows the razor to glide through your skin more easily which decreases the chance of nicks and razor burn. Although, you don’t want to ever over exfoliate because this could defeat the purpose and end up irritating your sensitive skin. Only exfoliate a few times a week to give your skin a chance to recover between shaves. 

    Lather On That Shaving Cream/Lotion: 

    Use a good shaving cream or lotion to get the most out of your shave. These products act as protection between your skin and the razor reducing your chances of skin irritation after shaving. You might even want to go as far as using something a little more natural like Fruit of the Earth Aloe Vera Gel (which happens to be a personal favorite). Ever wonder why people use it for sun burns? Well, aloe vera gel acts as a healing agent for irritated skin. Aloe vera has a number of skin care benefits, so the next time you're looking for something to shave with give aloe vera gel a try on your sensitive skin.

    It’s All In The Direction of the Shave 

    Whether you're shaving your beard, legs, or down there pay attention to the direction you’re shaving in. To reduce the chance of ingrown hairs which can lead to skin irritation, try shaving in the same direction of the hair growth first. This gives your sensitive skin a more gentle shave to start off with. Eventually you can go back in the opposite direction of your natural hair growth to finish off the shave.

    Treat Your Razor Well

    You know that age old saying “treat others how you want to be treated?” Well the same goes for your razor. Don’t underestimate the power of caring for it. We’re all guilty of using the same dirty razor longer than we should, but we don’t realize that it may be at the root of our skin troubles. Dirt, hair, and all that other gunk can easily get stuck inside the blades of your razor. The skin infections that can result from using a dirty razor sound like something out of a horror story, so just don’t do it. Using the same razor over again can also dull the blades which can lead the razor to “tug and pull, which may cause discomfort, skin irritation, ingrown hairs, and stubble," says Heather Wilson esthetician and director of brand development for InstaNatural. From now on make it a point to care for your razor. Invest in a product like The Tap which cleans the gunk out of your blades and sharpens them in two simple steps. Not only will it give your razor the care it deserves, but it’ll help it last longer too. For all those with sensitive skin, it's about to become your new best friend. 


    Keep your skin moisturized before and after your shave. Your skin will thank you for it. Moisturized skin is less likely to become irritated than dry skin, according to Wilson. Moisturizing helps soften hair which can give you a smoother shave, especially if you’re shaving down there. Pro Tip: Choose a moisturizer without any fragrances. The ingredients in your moisturizer can easily cause irritation and we’re not looking to ruin all your hard work. Look for something made specifically for sensitive skin if you don’t want to risk irritating your skin.