Feeling Sick? You Might Want To Clean Your Shaving Razor

Most people don’t properly clean their shaving razors and this could be why you’re getting sick. Find out how important cleaning your shaving razor really is.

Deep in the cold, moist surface of your bathroom sink (or shower) lies an old friend — your shaving razor. What you don’t see is the bacteria waiting to strike when you’re not looking. Bathrooms are never considered an ideally clean spot in the house, yet we continue our lazy bathroom habits without much thought.



Shaving is annoying as it is, but cleaning your razor is vital to your health. You need to start paying attention to your razor hygiene for the sake of your health. Leaving your shaving razor in the shower or sink after a shave can lead to some of the most common infections which include:

Staphylococcus infection: In the US alone there are more than 3 million staph infection cases each year, mainly because it can spread easily from person-to-person. Staph infections are a type of bacterial infection that can result in boils or a rash that is often mistaken for razor bumps. If you share a shaving razor or forget to disinfect it often you could easily get a staph infection. Although this type of infection can be treated with antibiotics, you could easily avoid that all together by making sure your razor is clean and disinfected.

Fungal infection:  Forgetting to clean and dry your shaving razor often is one foolproof way to get a fungal infection. Leaving your razor wet in a damp area creates a breeding ground for nasty little organisms just waiting to infect it. Shaving with a dirty razor can also open you up to ringworm (a more common fungal infection).

Hepatitis: Hepatitis is a more serious infection that results in an inflammation of the liver. Sharing your shaving razor will only increase your chances of getting a serious infection like Hepatitis. Certain types of Hepatitis can be transmitted through blood, so never share your razor and always wash it properly.

I bet you didn’t realize how serious shaving hygiene is. As you can see it definitely matters and you definitely want to make sure your shaving razor is clean because even the best razor can succumb to bacteria. To safe guard your shaving routine there are a number of things you can do to make sure you never have to worry about getting sick from shaving.

First, clean your shaving razor often — like every single time you use it. All the shaving cream and hair you shave easily clogs your razor. If left unclogged you razor is more likely to increase your chances of getting an infection. To clean your razor start by running it under hot water for a couple seconds between each shave. You can even try pouring a little bit of rubbing alcohol after each use to sanitize the blades. However, if you want to really clean your shaving razor you’ll need something like The Tap, a 3-in-1 Shaving Razor Unclogger, Sharpener, & Holder by BladeTap. This product makes cleaning your razor so easy that you’ll never have to second guess the cleanliness of your shaving razor.

Getting into the habit of cleaning your shaving razor is great, but you also want to get into the habit of leaving it in a good place to dry. The shower and bathroom sink are probably two of the most damp areas in your house. They are also the most common places you leave your shaving razor. The problem is that your shower and sink have too much moisture which doesn’t allow your shaving razor to dry properly. When shaving razors are left wet they rust easier which makes them more susceptible to bacteria.

Cleaning and drying your shaving razor will help extend the life of your razor, but it’s also very important to regularly replace your disposable cartridge razor. I mean they are called disposable for a reason. These shaving razors can last a couple months if they’re being properly cared for, but they aren’t meant to last you years. Throwing them out regularly will decrease your chances of bacteria growth and lower your chances of getting sick from your own shaving razor.


Lastly, please don’t share your shaving razor. Sometimes it’s easier said than done when you’re feeling a little lazy or you’re in desperate need of one, but it’s for your own good. Sharing a shaving razor increases your chances of developing one of the infections listed above. Plus, if you’re using someone else’s shaving razor there’s no telling how often they clean it.

Ready to get into good shaving habits?