5 Things I Wish I’d Known Before I Shaved My Legs For The First Time

Before you take that razor to those gorgeous legs of yours for the first time, there are some things you should to know.

The first time I shaved my legs a spider fell from the sky (AKA my bathroom wall) and nearly caused me to shave my entire leg off.

With legs freshly covered in shaving cream, I screamed as I saw that spider land on my legs. I may have been in fourth grade, but I’m pretty sure my reaction would be the same today. Mid-shave I yanked the razor across my leg to kill it. Cue the blood and immediate need for band aids. Yeah, you could definitely say my first shaving experience was a little dramatic.

The other day I was shaving my legs in the shower and remembered this moment. I laughed and thought back to my early years of shaving. I imagined how much easier it would’ve been if I had only known what I know now. Let me clarify—it has not gotten enjoyable (I mean who really enjoys shaving?), but it has gotten a lot easier now that I know what I’m doing. That got me thinking of everything I wish I had known before shaving my legs for the first time.

 #1: A little learning will save you from pain. You might be like me and have a dramatic first experience shaving your legs OR you might not have any problems at all. Either way just know that it’s okay to make mistakes the first few times. It’s a little tricky getting the hang of shaving (hence the list), but with a little research you’ll realize how easy it can be. Just remember to figure out what works for YOU. Your friends may be #BLESSED and not have any issues shaving, but that doesn’t mean you won't. Take time to understand what works best for your skin. Pay attention to it. It’ll make shaving your legs a whole lot easier, believe me.

#2: Shaving too fast only leads to bad results. I know it’s exciting to see your smooth skin peeking out behind the hairs on your legs, but shaving too fast can only result in two things: nicks and blood. Knowing this back then would’ve saved me a lot of band aids, so to all you new leg shavers— take your sweet time.

#3:You don't HAVE to shave above the knee. I can’t be the only one that regrets going above the knee while shaving my legs for the first time, right? I thought shaving my legs meant I had to shave them entirely. Big mistake. A few days after that first shave my thighs were covered in what seemed to be thicker and darker hair. Although it’s been said that shaving doesn’t actually make hair grow back thicker, it does make it appear thicker. Either way it’s not a good look. My advice — If you don’t really need to shave your hair above the knee just leave it until it's absolutely necessary. You’ll be grateful later.

#4: Bacteria can easily creep onto your razor and dull the blades if left unclogged. After my first leg shave I tossed my razor back in the shower like the amateur I was. Little did I know this was the beginning of a terrible habit. When you first shave you don't realize how dirty your razor can get because you’re too busy obsessing over your smooth legs. Personally, I never took the time to properly clean my razor, which was most likely the cause of the painful razor burn I kept experiencing after shaving. If I’d had something like The Tap by BladeTap --a 3-in-1 Razor Unclogger-- to help me clean my razor, I could’ve avoided years of irritated skin. Not to mention it would’ve saved me SO much money—why are razors so expensive? In the end I wish I would’ve known that no matter what type of razor you use it’s important to keep it extra clean. If there’s anything you take away from this article, please let it be that.

 #5: Moisturizing your legs immediately after you shave is not a good idea. I can still remember the burning sensation on my legs the second I put on lotion right after my first shave. It felt like a million little red ants were biting me. At the time I had no idea how sensitive my skin was, but eventually I learned that I can’t use just any lotion on my legs. To all those with sensitive skin  — avoid using lotion with fragrances. They may smell nice, but it is not worth the pain. Trust me. You might not even have the same reaction I did, but I would still suggest waiting a while before moisturizing your legs after your first shave. Give your legs a chance to breathe.

Your first leg shaving experience will be one to remember. It doesn’t always have to be a horror story, so check out some other shaving tips and tricks to make sure you get the perfect shave the first time around.